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Van Adrichem, integrate Induction System

Berg Hortimotive was approached by Sjoerd and Bas van Adrichem for the delivery of a system for a new greenhouse to be constructed in Terneuzen. This nine-hectare greenhouse had to be provided with a smart system for harvesting, transporting and processing the truss tomatoes. Van Adrichem was looking for a system that would demand as little labour as possible. The system also had to have enough capacity to process the harvest at peak times within an acceptable work schedule. The third requirement was that the system had to be flexible so that it could be expanded easily in the future.
The biggest challenge was at the start of the process, in inventing the traffic rules and the control system. We first took the greenhouse and shed design to the customer in order to visualise the process.

Solution and result
Together with Adrichem, we supplied the following solution; the tomatoes are harvested in the greenhouse using trolleys which run over the pipe rail. The harvesters cut the trusses and put them straight into a box. When the trolley is full, it is hooked onto the electric tractor on the concrete path. When seven harvesting trolleys have been filled, the tractor is set in motion at the press of a button. Wires have been cut into the concrete path of the greenhouse; this is the induction system. This system enables the electric tractors to drive to the shed unmanned. Various transponders have been bored into the route, so that the tractor receives a command from the central Wi-Fi control when it runs over a transponder. Consider in this respect: turning left or right, or opening and closing doors.

Hans Fakkert, Berg Hortimotive: "It is about the right tractor arriving with the right product at the right place at the right time."

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